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Rama Mamuaya

Founder & CEO

"2021 is not about adapting anymore, it’s time for us to move forward, strengthen our foundation, to connect, and to innovate more. Within a year, I have to say all of the endeavours and dedication we have invested will only lead us into further improvements. We have done and improve so much, holding one purpose, our dream in to help as many founders and entrepreneurs navigate technology and innovation, and this is one of those times where we make our dreams come true."

Here is what we did in 2021 to make technology and innovation available for all!

Our Activities

We are here to democratize access, knowledge for technology and innovation through startup entrepreneurship
Hours of engagement with startup communities
Startup enthusiasts came together to our event
Times people streamed our video content
Founders and entrepreneurs joined our accelerator and incubation programs

"Even during the pandemic, 2021 has been very generous for Indonesia’s digital industry. As of end of November, the number of disclosed funding transaction is almost doubled year-on-year with around 30% increase of total publicized amount. We also witness the birth of 7 new unicorn startups, this year alone, with at least $1 billion valuation."

Amir Karimuddin

Chief Editor and Research

$4.1 bio+

Total disclosed amount
in 2021*


Total disclosed funding
announcement in 2021*

*per mid of Nov 2021

$1.3 bio
$243 mio
$225 mio
$214.6 mio
$170 mio
$150 mio
$130.1 mio
$100 mio
$95 mio
$85.5 mio
$81 mio
$80 mio
$65.5 mio
$65 mio
$63 mio
$60 mio
$60 mio
$57 mio
$56.2 mio
$55 mio
$55 mio
$41 mio
$40 mio
$35 mio

*per mid of Nov 2021

In 2021, Indonesia has 11 Unicorns*
Unicorn startups grow so fast in Indonesia. Per mid of November 2021, we’ve got 7 new unicorn startups! Who's the next unicorn?
*per mid of Nov 2021
In 2021, Indonesia has 50 Centaurs*
Aspiring unicorn in Indonesia is flourishing! We possibly get more unicorn startups one year ahead.
*per mid of Nov 2021

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18 reports have been launched in 2021
We provide a trustworthy and credible data about consumer or industry preferences in 2021.

The most monumental
smartphones in 2021

Smartphone is a thing that new technology won't be able to displace them.
Let's take a look at the 5 most monumental smartphones in 2021!

iPhone 13

Samsung Z Fold3

Vivo X70 Pro

Mi 11 Ultra

Poco F3

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